10 Sep 2019

FW19 Mix & Match making-of video

13 Mar 2019

SS19 Mix & Match making-of video

16 Nov 2018

In this fall/winter 2018, CAT Footwear invited three earthmovers - Transporter Siu Chu, Carpenter Dom and Racer/Photographer Dicky to demonstrate their own definition of EARTHMOVER and show us how to persist in our dreams and be brave to break the rules.

Siu Chu, Transporter

Dom, Carpenter

Dicky, Racer/ Photographer

27 Sep 2018

“Travel – Explore Yourself” – theme of Mirabell Press Day which was hold recently in presenting the new FW18 footwear highlights by CAT Footwear, Hush Puppies, FitFlop, Keen, Merrell and The North Face. The venue was transformed into corners of international airport, cafe, glamping site and city street, lead you step your own way with different brands’ comfortable footwear and explore the excitement in the modern city!
Thanks to fashion media and KOLs support and making the press day such a success!

17 Sep 2018

FW18 Mix & Match shooting making of